Safety philosophy - the Saab Safeseat System

The Saab 900 NG has risen to the league of automotive classics this year. He doesn't have it easy with acceptance, even at the age of 30 (Note the post on Saturday), which is quite unjustified. Because the second 900 generation was able to come up with a bouquet of innovations that the market competitor did not have at the time.

Not in the surcharge lists, and certainly not in the standard equipment. A good example that represents Saab's safety philosophy is the Safeseat system. The Swedes took care of the safety of the passengers in the back seat, a topic that had been neglected until then. Saab was, once again, a market leader and pacesetter in the industry.

Because what every Saab 900 NG in the series offered was also delayed in the models of the market competitors.

Saab 900 NG - many innovations
Saab 900 NG - many innovations

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