Two Saab dream cars and strange Saab facts

It can sometimes be expensive to own a special taste. Then, for example, you can have an automotive classic from Trollhättan restored according to your own taste guidelines. You put originality aside and you might end up with a really tasteful vehicle.

That is then able to fetch a record price.

On the other hand, Saab has always had dream cars that don't necessarily have to be expensive. A one-off Saab Cabriolet would be available now, a 96 V4 like no other. It's not record-breaking, more of a budget affair, but appealing.

It rarely happens that I give up and don't read a post about Saab completely to the end. But this week it was time. It's about strange Saab facts. Distributed by a German news magazine that did strange research on the 900 NG. Let's start the weekly review with Saab's dream cars.

Saab 900 NG

Yes, I would like to continue reading this...


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