The airbag indicator light glows - and that is TÜV relevant

The 9000 travels in varying forms throughout the winter. Sometimes he gives the reliable Swedish car, a day later he shows his sensitive side. So far, however, every escapade of the old lady named Anna has ended well. But then, at the end of January, the airbag warning light came on. This is where things get serious. Because that is TÜV relevant!

In February, the route leads to Frankfurt-Fechenheim, where the Saab is selected. The diagnosis doesn't sound dramatic, for now. Lost contact with the driver's airbag, says Tech 2. It's easy to restore, I think. However, this is not as easy as practice shows, and in extreme cases the problem can lead to TÜV relevant exitus.

The 9000 in Frankfurt-Fechenheim, again
The 9000 in Frankfurt-Fechenheim, again

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