The eternal dream of a sports car - the Saab Sonett 4

Every car brand has its unfinished secrets that have never been revealed. At Saab there are some of them. There are the moments in 1980 when ideas for a completely new, revolutionary concept matured in Trollhättan. Way ahead of the times, groundbreaking, but ultimately never got off the drawing board.

Or after 1990, with the entry of GM and the resulting opportunities, when a sporty 4x4 Saab rolled out of the design studio. Another theme that was to be haunted forever, to the end, was called the sonnet. The little Saab sports car that, to be honest, never lived up to expectations. But it stubbornly circulated in the minds of designers and management and didn't want to disappear.

Three generations of the Saab Sonett were realized, 1974 was the end and there were plans for the fourth generation by 2011. While the Sonett only played the role of a dream in the Spyker period in confidential presentations, around 4 a rebirth was not so far-fetched . There were concrete plans and Björn Envall was able to contribute his ideas.

How realistic was the Saab Sonett 4? Let's go back to 1997, talk about previous attempts and the toxic influence of former Volvo managers.

Saab Sonnet 4
Saab Sonnet 4 - design Bjorn Envall

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