Saab time capsule viewings on Saturday afternoon

There are things we can change if they don't seem good enough or comfortable for us. And there are things we cannot change. I have had to accept the latter for a few days; After being able to escape the corona virus more than three years after it first appeared, it has now caught up with me.

The effects have so far been mild, fever and ups and downs in the general physical condition as well as a dry cough. A moderate downshift at work and more rest were the order of the day.

Appropriately, the first one reached me this week time capsule from the SaabBlog with brochures for the 2012 model year. So what do you do when you spontaneously want to slow down your life a bit? Right: off to the armchair under the SAAB woolen blanket "First Edition' and spend the Saturday afternoon browsing through the brochures!

Saab time capsule stories
Saab time capsule stories

I left a CD playing in the background that I hadn't listened to in a while. It is also a kind of time capsule. As a child, I was shaped by Hansa wave by Radio Bremen, by their characteristic moderators, above all Christian Günther with his sonorous voice.

And there were programs such as "Omnibus" (music), "Kaffeepott" or "Bremen 1 am weekend" with Monika Kluth and Karl-Heinz Calenberg (today it would be "the morning show with Moni and Kalle"), each of which was different had a character of their own; they were not arbitrary. The programs all had a specific signature music, shortenings of well-known tracks like Space's "Magic Fly" and Milo Pavlović's "Käpt'n Kangaroo", to name just two. This CD is also a kind of time capsule that releases memories.

A CD can also be a time capsule
A CD can also be a time capsule

So: music off! And into the brochures. I first made the 9-5 NG station wagon. You can see on every page, in every sentence and with every picture how SAAB wanted to increase the anticipation of those interested. The focus has been on the voluminous rear:

The new Saab 9-5 sports suit
The new Saab 9-5 sports suit

Driving pleasure is emphasized, one has also thought about the future buyers. A separate child seat is also advertised as a special accessory. The branch sprouting with fresh spring shoots can be seen as a symbol of the fact that they now wanted to work their way back from the organizational winter.

Driving pleasure - Saab 9-5 NG
Driving pleasure - Saab 9-5 NG

Even the smaller series looks fresh and modern on the covers; and desirable. 9-3 as a sedan, SportCombi, as 9-3X and as a convertible. Everything looks fresh and really makes you want to read the brochures on a sunny afternoon like this, and let the pictures and impressions sink in; including the price list and the extensive additional equipment.

The 9-3 series - fresh and desirable
The 9-3 series - fresh and desirable

An hour and a half went by like this. I put together my new car from the SAAB time capsule. A 9-3 Griffin BioPower as a sedan in java brown metallic, with electrically adjustable premium sports seats in sand beige, with automatic (quite contrary to my usual habits), adaptive BI-xenon cornering lights, Bluetooth telephone integration and SAAB infotainment with Bose speakers .

Price list & brochure - Saab configured
Price list & brochure - Saab configured

I'll try to fax the order form later...

Yes, that's how it can go when a SAAB time capsule lets you slide into your very own time capsule, back to a time when you could actually have gotten your dream model that way. All over. But a nice handful of history that the blog team has put together there. But it wasn't the only one today.

Almost a week ago I was looking for a spare part for my 9-3 OG; Not that I needed it, but if the part should ever fail, it's better to have one on hand. It was about the wiper water pump (item no 4674230). I had to realize: It is no longer in production, no longer available. A coincidence surprisingly led to one spare parts dealer for SAAB from France, who had the part in stock.

At first I thought of a replica. But I was surprised:

Original wiper water pump - also a time capsule
Original wiper water pump - also a time capsule

The package from France that arrived today was also a kind of time capsule, it contained the original SAAB part made by Denso in Japan. A feeling as if you had the opportunity to travel back in time a few years and take the desired part with you into the here and now.

I like time capsules.

Information: The time capsules for the model years 2010, 2009 and 2008 go to our Aero X Club Store on-line. The finale of our joint Saab journey through time, which culminates on Friday.

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  • Get well soon from my side too!
    The loss of taste spared me, I'm grateful on my knees for that. That really doesn't sound nice. And I read from it that you are also a connoisseur and like to cook for yourself. Then not tasting anything is the maximum penalty. I hope things will change again soon.

    By the way, what really helped when you were freezing or chilled in the evening: a small glass of port wine. I'm serious. After that everything was gone.

    • That should actually be attached to the comment below from Volvaab Driver. It probably didn't quite work out...

    • I'm not going to complain any further, but you hit the nail on the head.
      It's really punishing if you like to cook but don't taste anything anymore. Small anecdote: In fact, the loss of taste for m

      • (...) for me the reason for the test. There was simply no more room for interpretation.

  • A very nice deceleration story..., thank you.
    Plus get well soon, without “aftermath”!

    The penultimate article (Isofix) showed a light blue sports suit :-). That would have been my dream. Color and shape still (!) a feast for the eyes.

    • Thank you 🙂 Almost everything is fine now.

      The light blue 9-3 (ice blue, if I'm not mistaken) jumped at me immediately. That would have been the first choice before javabraun. But it wasn't there in 2012.

  • Nice report, pure relaxation, I would be there immediately with the 9-3 Griffin Limousine in Java metallic 🙂

    • Hello.
      Thank you for the report.
      The idea for the time capsule is just brilliant. So my other brochures have a nice home.
      When I ordered it, it would have been a white Saab 9-3x. My seven-year-old son chose the convertible, but thinks it's best if we take both.
      André wishes many greetings and a speedy recovery from Oldenburg

  • Thank you “Kalle” Arndt,

    was a pleasure to read. Corona here too. In the meantime again C-negative with neural aftermath (sense of taste and other sensitivities), I wish you a speedy recovery and lots of fun with print media and audiophile time capsules. I don't have any print media myself, but I also think that not only the 9-5 SC 2012 would have shone. The 9-3 was/would still have been a hot, red-hot and valid iron in its class. How true …

    • Get well soon! Maybe a positive example will help. A colleague and I fell ill with Corona almost at the same time last year and both lost our sense of taste and smell. Both came back about 14 days after the felt recovery and quite “suddenly”.

      • Thank you.
        Yes, it helps. The prospect of good taste returning soon is comforting and I can hardly wait.
        Cooking & eating are currently very joyless duties. A rustic bread, for example, does not taste any different than toilet paper. The only thing that can be experienced from a salad is the acidity of the vinegar and spicy dishes have degenerated into pure torture. There is absolutely nothing apart from the sharpness, which is known to be a pain and not an aroma. I might as well suck a piece of hot coal...
        But you obviously know that and it will pass. Good to know.

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