A fairly American Saab 900S (1997)

North America was the most important market for Saab. One can also say that the survival of Trollhättan depended on the success there at times. But the US loved Saab, and they still do today. Nowhere else in the world is there such a perfectly organized Saab community, such large events and workshops that are passionate about the brand.

Since Saabs have always been particularly valued across the pond, particularly well-preserved specimens are always offered for sale. Rust free, well maintained and sometimes near new condition.

A Saab 900S from 1997 plays a little time cinema with me. As a child of a West German US garrison town, looking at him reminds me of the GIs of yesteryear cruising the streets in shiny Volvos and Saabs. Which they previously dressed up in a very American way.

Saab 900S (1997)
Saab 900S (1997)

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