Trabant, Wartburg and Saab - beginnings of Saab in Germany

Saab has its roots in aircraft. And, Saab was initially a producer of small cars. A Saab should be inexpensive and robust. Although that was never a reality with inexpensive, the robustness was always there. The manufacturer avoided Germany for a long time. Respectful, because the competition was huge.

The Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland and even France - that's where the Swedes dared to go to the markets. But the Federal Republic of Germany? Better not. A spare parts warehouse for Swedes traveling through with Saab 92 in the north was set up in 1952, then another one in the south. For a long time, that was all you could officially see from Saab in Germany.

In fact, there were quite a few Saabs on German roads early on. The interest was there and soliciting letters from Germany kept reaching the export department in Linköping. Even some Saab came into the Federal Republic - mostly as private imports.

Saab 93 - Saab promotional photo
Saab 93 - Saab promotional photo

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