Saab wins - one of the most victorious rally cars in the world

The manufacturers always tried to convert successes in motor sport into increasing sales. Alfa Romeo has long been considered a particularly sporty brand, BMW still is and AMG Mercedes basks in the rays of the successful Formula 1. Saab, one of the smallest European brands, has not had it easy in this regard.

But, the Swedes had a lot of talented riders who got the most out of the little two-stroke boxes. With them, Saab won victories against competitors with much more powerful vehicles and large budgets.

One of Saab's greats was Eric Carlsson, who won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1962 and '63. The German importer wanted to convert these victories and other prestigious successes into vehicles sold.

The slogan? As simple as it is memorable.

Saab wins - Advertisement 1963

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