What does a Polski Fiat have to do with Saab?

One vehicle that has always flew under my radar is the Polski Fiat 125p. Why should he have interested me? It only became noticeable when more and more Polish late resettlers came to Bavaria in the late 1990s. They sometimes had a Polski Fiat in their luggage as a souvenir. Often it was the small 126p, sometimes the 125p.

What always looked like an old Lada to the locals was one of FSO license of the Fiat 125 manufactured in Poland. The love of the Poles for the Polski Fiat, which was actually marketed under this name in the Federal Republic, did not last that long. The enthusiasm has hardly died down in the West. Pretty soon a used Mercedes was in front of the door and the FSO car was pushed away.

The Polski Fiat was actually a topic on the German market, in both East and West. But under completely different signs. But what does he have to do with Saab? A foray into a curious part of German Saab history.

Polski Fiat 125p

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