We want to restore a Saab - but it's not that easy!

It's one of those things with the automotive plans. For the current year we wanted to pull a Saab 9000 out of the hangar and restore it. I wasn't quite sure which Saab it should be. The selection is there, among other things, a 9000 CC with a red interior is waiting (Bokhara red) for re-admission.

Then there's this beautiful 9000 CS which, to make things really difficult to think about, has a blue interior. Actually, the correct term is Persian Blue, and I'm having trouble deciding which could be more appealing. Blue or Red? Yes, and then there's the 9000 Anniversary, on the same day as ours Anna project rolled off the tapes. This Saab is midnight blue with a Pamir beige interior.

I like the joyful splashes of color in classic automobiles, gray interiors are not really my thing. But the choice doesn't exactly make the decision-making easy.

How would you decide if you had a choice? What should it be? Bokhara red, Persian blue, or Pamir beige?

Saab 9000 in Bokhara Red
Saab 9000 in Bokhara Red

Yes, I want to


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