The (Saab) Phoenix that doesn't fly and Trollhättan's last secret

The phoenix is ​​a mythical beast that burns, then rears its head, swings from the ashes and comes to life again. That's how it is told in Egyptian mythology, and that's how it should be with Saab. But the Phoenix didn't fly, we last had 2020 about him berichtet. With the feeling that the saga is not yet finished.

The Phoenix is ​​back in Trollhättan. He goes by a different name now, but the story is similar. The (Saab) Phoenix now listens to Emily. He's Trollhättan's last secret, and the sequel at least reads nicely.

The situation with short-term Saab rescuer Victor Muller is not as nice as with Emily. He's in trouble. Not only because the war in Ukraine thwarted his plans and dried up Russian sources of finance. But in general. Welcome to today's weekly recap.

Saab factory Trollhättan - historical recording
Saab factory Trollhättan - historical recording

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