Reduced shipping costs in the Aero X Club Shop

Our Aero X Club Shop is becoming more and more international! We now ship in 20 countries and other regions will be added soon. Because the Saab scene is international, the brand is loved in North America as well as in Taiwan or Japan. As a result, our shop, which we originally established solely for Germany and neighboring countries, faces challenges that are quite positive.

We are pleased about the international demand, which is a confirmation of our work. Thanks to new contracts with our logistics service providers, we have been able to significantly reduce the international shipping costs in the shop in the last few days.

This is particularly noticeable with small parts such as key rings, stickers, hats and caps.

Reduced shipping costs

We were able to reduce the shipping costs for smaller items to Austria to €5,95, to Switzerland a comparable package costs €7,30 and to Sweden only €6,00. Our readers in the USA, Canada, Japan and Taiwan also benefit from this. Small shipments now only cost €7,60.

What we continue to work on

In fact, not all countries where there is Saab are on the shipping list Stores. We are working on the expansion, and subscribers whose country is not yet included, please contact us. In addition to new products that we design, we are busy making shipping and especially packaging more sustainable.

In order to avoid using plastic as much as possible in the future, we will soon be supplying most items in a sustainable manner, with specially designed packaging options. The packaging that we currently have produced is multi-recyclable and small (Saab) design objects.

Here, too, we try to follow the old Saab spirit and to realize something that can be anything. Different from the others, but never boring.

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    Great again, the announcement of the new packaging options. It's the little things that make the difference. I'll be curious to see what you hatch.

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      Oh yes, that makes you very curious...

      Tom's teasers for articles - whether they are announced as written on the blog or as physical items in the shop or as soon as they are announced - are already proverbial. He can definitely do teasers.
      But what's really fascinating about it is how he always creates expectations only to reliably exceed them.

      That's damn sporty 😉

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    Quote: Different from the others, but never boring.
    Perfect. With the SAAB blog up to date or ahead with sustainability!
    Wonderful :-).
    Question about sustainability on another topic:
    Internet etc. means masses of data.
    Where are these stored and are the servers operated with green electricity???

    • Our main server, which is relevant for the data, is located in Germany. The server center is operated with solar power and natural electricity from hydropower, so we are CO2 neutral.

      The translation server is located in France with one of the largest cloud providers in the world, which is also subject to the GDPR, but does not provide any information on the sustainability of the location. However, the provider's new German server center is also to be operated 100% with renewable energies.

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        Hi Tom,
        Thank you for the sustained answer. Pleasing.
        At least I'm not surprised that the answers from F are a long time coming. The energy mix there is well known.

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          My beliefs (I've been a passive opponent of nuclear power and its garbage for many years) are currently faltering...

          Together with E85, it belongs in F and S to the energy mix of road traffic and sockets. Politically, there is currently no room for BioPower or the atom in Germany. We wear blinkers. Will the world recover from such a being? I can no longer follow us there.

          • That's how it is when decisions are made dogmatically instead of based on rational criteria. Religions have been doing this for millennia, mostly successfully, and so is our government now.

            • blank

              Dogmatics and religious zeal, the holy grail and salvation...

              All without alternative in the hands of the wise and the prophets. Yes, that's how it is. That's why I've been developing verbal allergies for years...

              Just the word without alternative triggers certain symptoms in me. But they get really bad when they babble about taking the citizens with them, which implies that they only deviate from a single valid opinion more or less out of more or less pronounced stupidity. This is always religious zeal and no longer shows any talent for reason ...

              The only thing that can be read from there is the self-assessment and overestimation of the missionaries who separate it. If, in addition to the lack of alternatives and the entrainment, they also dig up the understanding of democracy (which they themselves have apparently completely lost) as an argument for their own and only valid opinion, then it is almost over for me ...

              Just verbal allergy. Some severe symptoms. A nice counterexample. As a young student in 1994, I was on the Hamburg-Harwich ferry one night in a cabin with a religious zealot from a Christian sect.
              He asked me about my faith. I explained it to him (out of sheer politeness) as unspecifically, harmlessly and as consensually as possible (I thought). I said I firmly believe that every human being should treat their fellow human beings the way they would like to be treated by them.

              The British Christian living in Germany leaned down from the bunk above me and told me that with this attitude I would burn in hell forever and that he was very sorry for me, but that he could offer me a solution...

              And here I abbreviate. The end of the song was that he lay crying in his bunk, frankly telling me that he was a virgin and rejected by his family because of his faith, that he was expecting nothing more from earthly life and was only hoping for the Last Judgment .

              That was preceded by the fact that I told him that I wasn't in the mood for a god like that. Either he would see and accept my attitude and my efforts, or I would rather burn in hell with my own kind than share paradise with murderers and rapists just because they (that was his only criterion) died in time before the Last Judgment confess to his fucking sect.

              That's exactly how it seems to me with politics more and more. I would like to repeat this crossing (Hamburg-Harwich) with many a politician. Let's see who ends up crying and finally losing faith, who laughs last when you can't avoid each other anymore?

              Back then (1994) with a Saab in the belly of the ship, I gained an important insight. Missionary zeal is proportional to the inner need to somehow want or need to be right. Otherwise they howl, the wise men, the missionaries...

              You are well advised not to let anything talk you into it. Whoever howls the loudest and whoever howls last, howls alone!

              In any case, I left the cabin again and went for a walk on deck. Wasn't my topic and I was attacked and sent to hell - not the other way around! So fuckin' what?

              When I returned, the top bunk was still whimpering softly. But she wanted to condemn me to eternal damnation just an hour earlier and I was only 24, not aware of any guilt. So my sympathy was limited at the time, if I'm honest. I read myself to sleep and simply ignored the misery of a bunk above me - as I had wanted to do an hour earlier, but was not allowed to yet...

              So am I a bad person? At that time I was protecting myself from an unwanted attack and I wasn't even capable of more. Today I have such doubts finally behind me. Who protects us from politics and media that are becoming more and more religious without having to discuss it with me on the Hamburg-Harwich route (long since discontinued)?

              It's clear who's crying this time. That's probably me - unless I let myself be taken on a journey with no alternative (!) (!) and, quite incidentally, also save democracy (?) and diversity of opinion (?) through an increase in consensus and simplicity.
              Find the mistake …

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