Saab sports car Flair at the Techno Classica 2023

The Techno Classica attracts Saab fans this year with a very special flair. Two Saab sports cars, a Sonett II and a Sonett III, will be on display in Essen. The 1st German Saab Club, which traditionally keeps the Saab flag in the wind, is providing two of these sports car rarities.

Saab and sports cars - these are two things that you would not necessarily associate immediately. In Europe, the two series of Sonett did not spread particularly successfully. Most of the production found customers in North America, where Sonett II and III still have their fans.

In the meantime, however, the sonnets also like to take the opposite route and come back to Europe from the USA.

Saab Sonett interior, a sports car dream in red
Saab Sonett interior, a sports car dream in red

Saab sports car flair - with a lot of history

For Saab, the Sonett series was always an unfulfilled dream. 10.219 vehicles of the II and III series are not exactly small, because annual production between 1965 and 1974 was often only in the three-digit range and never lived up to expectations.

Red Saab sports car dreams in Essen
Red Saab sports car dreams in Essen

But the drama actually accompanied the Sonett series right from the start. The genesis of the Sonett II was a thriller even by Saab standards. A few chances were missed, the longtime house designer was alienated, and very strange decisions were made (A Swedish thriller – the Emergence of the Saab Sonnet II).

But Saab couldn't or didn't want to let go. The sonnet stayed with us forever and the history of the sports car kept the brand busy. There have been several unsuccessful attempts to sonnet 4, and in the last presentations in 2011 the idea of ​​a compact Saab sports car also reappeared.

Saab 900 Turbo Gradschnautzer at the Techno Classica
Saab 900 Turbo Gradschnautzer at the Techno Classica

With the two Saab sonnets 1. German Saab Club e. V probably the element of surprise on his part, because most visitors will not be familiar with what awaits them in hall 8, stand no. 8-216. You will stop with questioning looks, examine the vehicles and maybe, with a bit of luck, rediscover Saab.

The Saab sports cars, which by the way were not manufactured in Trollhättan but at ASJ in Arlöv, are flanked by a classic Saab 900 Cabriolet and a Saab 900 Turbo. These two vehicles are also highly attractive. The Techno Classica (Link) is open until April 16th.

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    Interior a dream...

    Is correct. I would also like to have such seats, fittings and door handles in a vintage car. Is that real leather, are they original (the seats)?

    They look extremely sporty, very light and have good lateral support, they simply look delicious and are good advertising for a visit. Unfortunately I can't do it 🙁


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