The Saab Cabriolet Base Caps and Cabriolet stickers can be ordered!

As promised, we have been working flat out over the past few days to ensure that the Saab Cabriolet Base Caps are available in time for the start of the season. We kept our word. The caps can now be ordered from the Saab Aero X Club Shop. They are specific to each Saab Cabriolet series - from the classic 900 Cabriolet to the 9-3 NG.

Of course, the caps are white, they reflect the sun's rays particularly well and ensure a cool head on sunny days. The hats alone, which we embroidered with the silhouettes of the convertibles, were not enough for us. We also designed stickers. They are as stylish as the convertibles themselves.

Saab 9-3 NG Convertible Base Cap
Saab 9-3 NG Convertible Base Cap

The Saab Cabriolet Base Caps are here!

The stickers are also available in the shop with the stylized silhouettes of the various models. They are available in two particularly elegant metallic versions, silver and anthracite. This is how we ensure that they look perfect on almost any colored surface. The decals themselves are easy to apply, we have tested it several times and found it to be good.

900 NG / 9-3 OG Convertible Base Cap
900 NG / 9-3 OG Convertible Base Cap

Deliveries are even starting two days earlier than originally expected, and the first caps and stickers can be sent out as early as April 17th. Orders are open to all Aero X Club members Shop now possible.

We are working on a t-shirt collection

Let's talk a little bit about what's launching next in May or June. What are we working on? We are preparing t-shirts and some readers have already had the opportunity to give their opinion on the first drafts. It was pleasingly euphoric. We are planning a larger shirt collection for the first time, which is a challenging, somewhat extensive project for the team and me.

Saab 900 Classic Cabriolet Base Cap
Saab 900 Classic Cabriolet Base Cap

Because Saab affine shirts with their own design, like there have never been before, we didn't have that in our shop yet. All of this is completely new and challenging, just like hats, car covers or mugs were a few months ago. Since I have very precise ideas about how the end product should look like, the process is a little longer than we planned.

So it may be that everything takes a little longer because product selection, design and production just take time. It's possible that we won't have a new campaign in May and we won't start with the shirts until June.

The first teasers – and maybe even the first shirt – will definitely be available to discover soon. So that the wait doesn't get too long!

5 thoughts on "The Saab Cabriolet Base Caps and Cabriolet stickers can be ordered!"

  • Caps and stickers have arrived here, now the weather would have to cooperate for a convertible tour.

  • Wait... the new “normal” in Germany has also arrived on the blog.
    No problem/nuisance etc. for me.

    Instead: longer anticipation!

    • Instead of waiting, I would define patience as a virtue in “the best Germany of all time”.

      Yesterday I had an appointment with an automotive service provider (in Saab matters) that is strong in the accident repair business. The current repair record is held by a model from a German premium supplier, which is not uncommon and is in production. It took 16 months for the manufacturer to deliver all the spare parts. That's the level we're at, and that's just the beginning.

      • As long as it doesn't last 16 months with the promised shirts, I'll be with you and the new Germany tempo!

        • it doesn't stay That's promised!

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