The Saab 92A - the legacy of aircraft engineers

The Saab 92A was the debut work of the aircraft engineers from Sweden. A small car that should be practical, durable and also safe. Which then became a bit of an airplane because they couldn't do it any other way at Saab. What is curious is that this construction had something of an infinite life. The Saab was further developed in ever new variations and it remained on the market until 96, lastly under the name Saab 1980.

In retrospect, it must be said that the aircraft engineers brought a really durable product onto the market. I know some halls that are actually unrestored Saab 92A and are waiting for the rebirth. Today, however, I am telling you about a specimen that has been extensively restored. And I notice how amazingly little luxurious and also impractical car went in 1952.

Does that scare you? On the contrary, the Saab 92A is also really taking off at the moment.

Saab 92A (1952) in sea green
Saab 92A (1952) in sea green

Yes, I want to


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