Is orange the cooler yellow as a Saab Sonett III promises?

A few days ago I wrote about one great Alfa Romeo wearing the orange of the southern sun. It is almost mandatory that I deliver an adequate Saab. Orange might be the cooler yellow, and a Sonett III draws par with an Alfa Montreal here. In any case, optically at least, and incredibly seductive.

Bright colors were rampant in the 1970s. Bright greens and blues, flashy yellows and sunny oranges were the order of the day. Pinched felt 50 variants of gray were still a long way off. Maybe the world was just happier, or we're getting the polish we deserve right now. Everyone can choose for themselves. Those bright colors that we consider cult today were actually once argued in a fairly factual manner.

They were considered security colors, which cannot be denied. A sports car in sunny orange is more eye-catching than a depression grey. Or?

Saab Sonnet III, is orange the cooler yellow?
Saab Sonnet III, is orange the cooler yellow?

Yes, I would like to continue reading this...


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