Once again, a Saab Cabriolet new car puts us in trouble

It's tough. A Saab Cabriolet is always something very special, and when a new car appears on the horizon, things can get pretty tight. Good intentions are wiped off the table, garage spaces are counted and freely available liquidity is checked.

Those are the tricky moments when your fingers twitch and your thoughts circle. Because actually you would like to and maybe there would be the life insurance, which you could lend or dissolve. After all, what's the point of financial provision if you could make your automotive dream come true here and now?

The open Saab that I am presenting today really has it all. The Saab Cabriolet requires discipline and cool thinking. Because otherwise you will quickly become weak.

A Saab Cabriolet new car - a tasteful dream
A Saab Cabriolet new car - a tasteful dream

Yes, I would like to continue reading this...


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