We pack sustainably with our Saab (Re)born cloth bag

We had promised to focus more on sustainability and not plastic for packaging in the Aero X Club Shop. We keep this promise today with our modified packaging for small parts. In the future, they will be sent to customers in Saab (Re)born cloth bags.

Saab key rings, stickers and other small parts come in a textile bag that can be reused. In this way we reduce the packaging waste that otherwise occurs and set a small example. We had the (re)born fabric bags sewn for us, each of the small bags is a handmade one-off.

Key ring and Saab (Re)born fabric bag
Key ring and Saab (Re)born fabric bag

Actually, I was getting annoyed more and more about the waste that accumulates in shipping and packaging. Because many products are delivered unnecessarily packed with plastic, and because the smallest objects come with lots of plastic in a completely pointless way.

That doesn't have to be the case, at least not in our shop and not where we can prevent it. Just as we prefer to work with local partners, we have also been using biodegradable shipping materials for a long time. However, we are repeatedly confronted with unnecessary plastic and styrofoam from our suppliers.

Small Saab (Re)born fabric bag - sustainable and reusable
Small Saab (Re)born cloth bag - sustainable and reusable

The Saab (Re)born cloth bags can be used several times

The small fabric bags are a first step towards more sustainability and maybe more fun. Because the (Re)born sticker, written on a whim, have been well received by readers. We thought, why not also have small fabric bags with the silhouette of the airplane produced to continue the (re)born idea. Because the cloth bags can be used multiple times after their first use. As a gift bag for friends and nice people, or to collect small things from Saab.

The bags we initially for larger sticker Orders and for Saab Keyrings use could soon have company. We're thinking of something for the upcoming t-shirts, but it's also possible that we'll have a completely different idea.

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    Special ideas thanks to the Saab blog
    Thanks Tom

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    It is often (always) the “small” things in life that make something special even more special.
    Just a great idea...
    Thanks ……


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