The Alfa Romeo 75 was the last real Alfa in every respect

In Alfa Romeo fan circles, the Alfa 75 is considered the last real Alfa. Of course, it was the last new construction before the Fiat group reached out and saved the Milanese brand from demise. It was also the last rear-wheel drive Alfa for decades, and it paid homage to the intricate transaxle design.

But is that enough to make the Alfa 75 an icon? It's not that easy. Because there is much more lurking behind the 75. The drama about the iconic brand that names glamor and misery in the same breath. From the history of the 75 you can learn, draw conclusions, and above all parallels.

Small, traditional car brands had a hard time improvising was essential for survival. Maybe it was even the Swedes from Saab who learned something from the history of the 75 and used it for themselves.

Alfa 75 - the last real Alfa Romeo?
Alfa 75 - the last real Alfa Romeo?

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