German special offer - Opel Commodore 2.5 Special (1977)

In the 1970s, a price war raged on the German car market. The Japanese brands pushed to Europe, the small supplier Saab had nothing to oppose their prices. The Swedes retreated to quality and safety, leaving the ruinous competition they could not have won to others.

Some took up the gauntlet. Opel, for example, countered the Asian invasion with low prices. More cars for less DM than in Rüsselsheim, there were only imports from the East, like the Polish Fiat. But not with the German market companions.

Where the Asians served up a state-of-the-art four-cylinder, Opel actually countered with a prestigious six-cylinder. It was available from the brand with the lightning bolt for amazingly little money. How was that possible?

Opel Commodore 2.5 Special

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