This Saab Sonett is spring green straight from the museum

After a Saab Sonett III that appeared on display in a sunny orange, we now discover this spring green Saab sports car. Both colors are representative of the 70s. They are loud, optimistic and today have a cult following. You might be wondering if orange or spring green is the more brilliant hue for the sonnet?

While the pedant in orange (Link) came from a private collection, the sonnet in vernal green is a copy straight from the museum collection. Cars that come out of the museum have advantages and disadvantages. Of course, one of the positive aspects is storage in the depot or in the exhibition. It's dry there, sometimes air-conditioned, and far from the nasty effects of sunlight, which can wreak havoc on old cars.

Of course, the usually long downtimes are negative. Decades without a movement - that requires expert hands to get back on the road. If desired. Let's take in the exciting vernal green sonnet!

Saab Sonnet III (1973)
Saab Sonnet III (1973)

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