Sporty Saab 96 V6 - it actually existed

It is well known that Saab once experimented with an in-line six-cylinder in the 93. It was just an attempt. Many years later there was a V8 experiment in the Saab 96 based on the same pattern, which was hardly mentioned in history. While the in-line six-cylinder actually consisted of two three-cylinder two-stroke engines, two V8 engines were switched together in the factory for the V4.

Project number one is now parked under the name Monster in the Saab Museum (Link). What became of the V8 experiment is not documented. However, another Saab 96 appeared on the road - with a V6 engine. He should be the prelude to a Saab 96 V6 small series, his maker thought.

It probably didn't come to that. Because the performance data of the Saab 96 V6 were not particularly convincing in reality.

Saab 96 V6 - not a sports car
Saab 96 V6 - not a sports car

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