Emily - how a Porsche Taycan rival was created with Saab genes

The Emily concept from NEVS has made waves in Sweden. Again you are busy knitting your own legend and continuing the Saab saga. Stories, desire and reality mix, how Emily came about. According to my reconstruction, the story began in 2019.

At that time it became apparent that something interesting was happening in Trollhättan. It was only a few months later that it became apparent that there would be a Porsche Taycan rival. Because the Emily concept was already a topic of reporting, but nobody knew the name and the goal of the development at the time.

Let's start the Emily story, debunk myths, and first turn the clock back to 2020.

Emily - the potential Porsche Taycan rival out and about in Sweden
Emily - the potential Porsche Taycan rival out and about in Sweden

Yes, I would like to continue reading this...


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