We exchange the door step lights for the Saab 9000

Door entry lights for the Saab 9000 listen to the Swedes on the name door safety lights. That goes without saying, right? The pioneers of vehicle safety from Trollhättan took some things very seriously. Entry lights, would have sounded suspiciously like luxury and was not with the thinking of the Folkhemmet (Volksheim) coined Swedes generation compatible. Hence the door security lights.

Incidentally, Lancia, Fiat and Alfa Romeo, which together with the Saab formed the Tipo 4 project, stood by the touch of luxury. But that was also Italy, where things appear in a flattering light when taken less seriously.

The 9k was the first Saab to have ambient lighting, as we would say today, and this safety feature. The result is still good today, the active safety signaling and the illumination do not have to hide from modern vehicles.

But the production of the 9000 ended in 1998, so the lights on every 9k are at least 25 years old, and their condition is usually bad.

Door entry or safety light for the Saab 9000
Door entry or safety light for the Saab 9000

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