Ford lets the sun shine with the Capri 73

The car advertising of the 70s was many things. She was matter-of-fact like Saab. She could be lyrical, like Volvo, where you might least expect it. And it could be colourful, especially at Ford. Where they advertised the Capri 73 in a colorful way and so involuntarily associated the term Capri Sun.

The Capri Sun, the cult drink of those years, no longer exists. She was renamed following the zeitgeist (Link), maybe there was too much of the 70s and not enough internationality behind it for people to want to see the brand as future-proof without Anglicisms. Even the Ford Capri no longer exists. It has disappeared, as have almost all affordable sports cars. The Capri once democratized an entire vehicle segment.

Sports cars no longer had to be elite and expensive since the Capri burst onto the scene in 1968. And sometimes, for a little bit of luck, a fairly undemanding engine was enough for a fast car.

Ford Capri 73 - who thinks of Capri Sun?
Ford Capri 73 - who thinks of Capri Sun?

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