The Panhard 24 was avant-garde and the last of its kind

History is full of car companies that didn't make it. One of them is Panhard & Levassor, one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. Founded in Paris in 1886, the company is known for its own innovations, such as the Panhard rod (Link) at least linguistically still present.

However, the vehicles that Panhard produced have disappeared in the mists of history. Car production ended in 1967, just two years after Citroën took over the entire car, and the Panhard factory then rolled off the Citroën Fourgonnette instead of the Panhard 24.

In fact, that was unfortunate, because the Panhard 24, the last of its kind, was a technically and visually interesting small car.

Something avant-garde and many innovative details stood in an exciting interplay with outdated components and the company's financial difficulties. The Panhard 24 appeared in 1963 and was only made for 4 years. With the end, Citroën took at least one competitor out of the market. Let's take a closer look at the last Panhard.

Panhard 24 - small car avant-garde
Panhard 24 - small car avant-garde

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