The Saab factory in focus - it could build cars again

How is it possible that the old Saab factory becomes a political issue in Germany? When the news was published a year ago that a German investor was renting, the Saab scene was of maximum interest. A lot has changed since then. The current industry and energy policy has an impact - it puts the Saab factory in the focus of German reporting.

The Saab factory could also build cars again. This can be seen as one of the many unfulfilled prophecies that have existed since 2012. But this time something is different. Swedish, not Chinese, investors are in charge. It's obviously car enthusiasts who are working on the future. In addition, parts of the inventory will be auctioned off, NEVS will continue to clean up the halls.

Welcome to our weekly recap - from the Saab perspective.

Saab factory - in the focus of the reporting
Saab factory - in the focus of the reporting

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