Saab workshop marathon - sandblasting, dry ice blasting or flex

Our Saab 9-3 Aero workshop marathon is facing a far-reaching decision. We want to thoroughly renovate the body, and we want to do it sustainably. After the completion of the project there should be as much peace as possible - for many years. That is the idea and in principle the Saab is almost completely prepared for the renovation and is dismantled in the workshop.

But the question is how do we go about it? There are several options, from traditional working with the Flex, to sandblasting or dry ice blasting, which is much more modern. In the background is the special problem of the 9-3 OG series, which is not a classic 9000 or 900. Modern car body construction requires other measures.

There's the overlapping panels that were worked with back then and the body sealant that needs to be removed. In addition, the older rust protection seal, which is actually undermined by the rust. There is a lot to do. Let's make a decision.

Saab 9-3 Aero - sandblasting - dry ice blasting

Yes, I want to


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