Choose instead of decide - a Saab 9-3X brochure

Saab had always had a lucky hand when it came to advertising agency selection. The premiere of the Saab 9-3X was no different, and the Swedes put out a well-crafted compact fold-out that was certainly unusual.

The prospectus that we are giving away was intended as a supplement for the dealer mail, for the invitations to the premiere. For this reason, the retailer's address was printed at the same time. The Saab Center Bamberg, today under the name Auto Muckelbauer (Link) still a recommended Saab address, got several 100 brochures, not all of which were sent with the customer mail.

What was left was put aside, fortunately. In cleaning up years later it was forwarded to the SaabBlog project. For use instead of disposal, and we are giving away the small but fairly rare Saab 9-3X brochures.

Saab 9-3X brochure - quite rare
Saab 9-3X prospectus - quite rare

Brilliant Saab 9-3 X brochure

With a kind of Swedish origami, Saab places 10 pages of advertising on the base, which is only a little larger than a beer mat. That's brilliant, and of course typical of the brand. Marketing prose can let off steam. The manufacturer writes about the new Saab 9-3X:

Anyone who chooses a Saab expects an automobile that fully meets their requirements. But does a single vehicle meet all requirements?

The answer to this question is: the Saab 9-3X.

Swedish origami - advertising in the smallest of spaces
Swedish origami - advertising in the smallest of spaces

Thanks to its versatility, the new all-rounder combines the performance of an off-roader with the convenience of a Saab. And only when power, sportiness, design and comfort come together is it really a car for you.

Only then is it a Saab. 

Saab marketing at its finest
Saab marketing at its finest

This is Saab marketing prose at its finest, matching the Saab 9-3X, of which unfortunately far too few were made. We have a large batch of these, and we've been giving them away for a while.

While supplies last, we include the small, unusual Saab 9-3X brochure with every order that goes to our Aero X Club Shop (Link) leaves. In the hope that we will make fans happy and that the brochures will still do what they were printed for more than 10 years later. Advertise an iconic car brand.

3 thoughts on "Choose instead of decide - a Saab 9-3X brochure"

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    A great prospectus!
    I've been driving for over 30 years, the other classy Swedes!
    I love getting into a 25 year old Volvo S80 every day and I like it like the first day!
    I like the classy, ​​timelessly beautiful cars with character and soul from Sweden.

  • blank

    I received the prospectus last week - that was a small, huge surprise! It's really well done. Thanks also to Muckelbauer for not throwing away and passing on. This is exemplary!

  • blank

    With my last order I had already received such a brochure. I think the article reflects well what it is like to examine this prospectus.
    Personally, I would say yes, there is something of a way of knowing about the 9-3X. With each page comes a new five-liner with a matching picture and at the end you think you have to fold it again and the car is in front of you. Even if I think the 9-3X is fantastic, I sat down again in the evening with a clear conscience in my regular and for me enough special 9-3 🙂


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