How the fully automatic seat heating came into the Saab

The history of Saab is peppered with nice episodes that are about innovations. If you believe them, a lot of things were invented by accident, in passing. The electric seat heating in the Saab 99, which is fully automatic, is one of them. It was 1968 when there was a need for action in Sweden.

Stig Norlin, engine developer at Saab, is said to have suffered from those side effects that the aging of the male species can bring with it. The prostate is said to have caused him problems, the chronicle says, and it was particularly bad in the cold winter months when the car seats were chilled on a frosty morning.

Saab is said to have always been more than just a car manufacturer. Saab was always family. And you take care of that. Ove Persson, also a designer at Saab and a friend of Stig, considered a remedy. He develops an electric chair for his friend.

Historical car advertising 1973 - Saab couldn't be safer
Historical car advertising 1973 - Saab couldn't be safer

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