Will the (Saab) Emily GT concept become a reality - that's what it looks like

With the unveiling of the (Saab) Emily GT concept, NEVS landed an enormous media coup. The news went around the world, it literally electrified the Saab scene. With more and more new pictures, short films and other details, the hype increased. It couldn't have been staged any better.

The difference to Sono Motors, where the solar car concept is for sale, could not have been greater. While Emily flooded the media, the Munich concept is dead in public. But the question is, is it enough to attract attention to bring the story to a successful conclusion?

Emily is revolutionary, hub-driven, attractively designed, with the Saab fantasy and scene floating in the background. But the project still separates the series from 12 to 18 months. It could be that this distance does not deter potential investors. The story seems to be going on in a good way.

(Saab) Emily GT concept - will it become a reality?
(Saab) Emily GT concept - will it become a reality?

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