Saab 9000 - is his territory still the highway? (1)

The 9000 should be the Saab par excellence for the long haul. Claimed the Swedes in the 80s and 80s and reinforced this myth with clear advertising messages. The qualities of the big Saab were undisputed at the time - the powerful turbo engine and the high quality made long stretches on the motorway a pleasure.

But that was decades ago. How does it look today? We send the 9000 back to his territory. There will be a 9000 CC Turbo, 36 years old, a 9000 Aero, 27 years old, and our blog 9000, which is the youngest car at just a quarter of a century.

The Frankfurt - Hamburg route, with involuntary detours, will be more than 1000 kilometers long in 2 days. We're going to do it quickly and by no means at the old-timer pace. Will the Swedish classics hold up?

Start in Frankfurt - off to the Autobahn
Start in Frankfurt - off to the Autobahn

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