The future of the Saab scene looks good - but there is a lot to do

Of course there is always the worried look when you write primarily about Saab and the Saab scene for more than 10 years. There were times when things didn't look good for their future. The buzzwords were the ones that always carry meaning when it comes to old cars and brands that no longer exist.

The stock is shrinking and the clientele is aging - parallel to the vehicles. There is no offspring in sight who would be able to rejuvenate the scene. Even the workshops are becoming fewer, and those foremen who are still there are often close to retirement age.

In fact, that was the situation just a few years ago. Forecasts for 2021, 10 years after the end of Saab, assumed only 5.000 vehicles in Germany. That was not the case, as we know in 2023 (Link).

Saab scene - meeting in Hamburg
Saab scene - meeting in Hamburg

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