Opel Rallye 2.0 E - that was the small price of Germany

Sporty cars have always been popular and the Opel Kadett C was a fixture among young drivers in the mid-1970s. When the first Golf GTI appeared on the scene in 1976, the previously simple world of sporty, affordable vehicles was thrown into disarray. The C Kadett and above all the GT/E were no longer automatically regarded as set.

Because the Golf was indisputably the more modern concept and with 110 hp almost as powerful as the Kadett GT/E, which only had a small additional power of 5 hp on the plus side. Then what they had intended in Wolfsburg happened. The young clientele defected in droves and Opel had a serious problem.

What do you do when you don't have a real antidote in your closet? The D Kadett, with front-wheel drive and a transverse engine like the Golf, was still a long way off. So the headquarters in Rüsselsheim put together a price-sensitive package with attractive ingredients.

Opel Rallye 2.0 E

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