The Renault 4 was the brand's evergreen

There are cars that were so good in their day that they seem to have to come back. The Renault 4, the brand's evergreen, is such a car. No, it's not a convertible, nor is it an elegant GT or sports car. The R4, as it's known for short, was just a practical, no-fuss vehicle that fit the times and life.

He was the serious alternative to the Citroën 2CV, more serious, hard-working and robust. A utility vehicle. Even if I had always preferred the Citroën to the Renault. However, this is based on sentimental ideas of brand affinity and not on rational considerations. The Renault 4 had an infinitely long car life, even from a Saab perspective. From 1961 to 1992 you could buy it as a new car without changing the basic model.

That seems record-breaking.

Renault 4 - Advertisement 1966
Renault 4 - Advertisement 1966

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