What's it like, do you still read car magazines?

It's been many years since I used to have a ritual on Sundays. I visited the main station in my hometown, which has a well-stocked newsagent. There were more car magazines then than there are now, and I bought just about anything that had Saab to read about. Or Alfa Romeo and Citroën.

Later, for other reasons, it was Frankfurt Airport with its generous supply of foreign press, but in recent years my passion for buying has disappeared. At least since 2011, since Saab no longer exists. But to be honest, even with Saab, the chapter car newspapers would have been closed.

You feel so strangely out of time today.

Autozeitung 1973 - colorful reporting with brands like Lancia
Autozeitung 1973 - colorful reporting with brands like Lancia

Yes, I would like to continue reading this...


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