Only today and tomorrow Saab t-shirts at an early bird price

Saab T-shirts are among the basics in every well-stocked wardrobe. The first designs of our standard collection for the current year are already online. And as promised, the shirts are still available until the end of the month at a low early bird price.

The regular, higher price will apply from July 1st – but the shirts will remain in the Aero X Club Shop range. For us, the first standard range is a trial run, and we're learning what readers like - and don't like.

In the coming week we will open the curtain for our announced third design - which will be the standard range for 2023 in the shop (Link) will be complete.

Saab T-shirts

Making t-shirts is not always easy

In fact, we are still working on a special series that will depict the Saab scene (Attention teasers!) in Switzerland, Germany and Austria – maybe also in Sweden – might be of particular interest. However, we are still purely digital, the design only exists on the screen and the implementation does not happen as easily as we thought.

Perhaps we set the bar too high in this case.

Saab and fashion - a serious topic

Saab itself took fashion quite seriously. In the best times of the brand, when the 9000 celebrated success and the 900 matured into a cult object, there was a Saab boutique at larger car dealerships. A small shopping paradise for the customers, in which there were rims, care products and all sorts of accessories.

Saab Boutique - Catalog 1986
Saab Boutique - Catalog 1986

Of course there was also Saab fashion. High-quality jackets, sweaters and shirts through to stylish accessories for trips with the Saab. In contrast to the later years of the brand, when many things only came from China, Trollhättan commissioned well-known Swedish designers with the designs and engaged the best European suppliers.

Because Saab had an excellent reputation - which had to be preserved.

Of course we cannot keep up with the glory years of yore. We're not even going to try that. But we are trying to do something that does justice to the brand and that is fun for the Aero X Club members and, of course, for us. In fact, only what we wear ourselves comes into the shop. And in autumn/winter there is some need. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on "Only today and tomorrow Saab t-shirts at an early bird price"

  • ...I'm waiting for the signet of the TURBO display in the cockpit on the T-shirt ... 😉
    I would prefer the left side... where the heart beats.

    • Turbo is coming ... but still takes time. I have 3 exciting drafts on the desk, but I'm putting a little stress on the production with the implementation.

      It is noted on the left that the heart is supposed to beat there 😉

    • You're sure to be flooded with suggestions. But I agree with the turbo display.

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