Saab Germany opens new location in Bremen

Saab is also developing further in Germany and in autumn 2023 will open a new location for the Spurwerk in Bremen, which is currently under construction Naval Systems Product Unit open. An area of ​​1.680 m2 will then offer space for more than 100 Saab employees.

Spurwerk is being built on the site of the former Bremen Neustadt freight station, which has a history of more than 100 years. The site lay fallow for several years and was locally referred to as the eyesore between the Bremen districts of Neustadt and Woltmershausen.

Saab Germany opens location in Bremen
Saab Germany opens location in Bremen

With the trackwork (Link) a resource-saving concept is now being created that combines working close to the city center with numerous green spaces, biotopes and a modern as well as historical ambience. The project aims to set new standards in technical, ecological and functional terms.

A software development hub is being created at the new location in Bremen, with which Saab Germany wants to continue to grow and position itself for the future. The previous location in Wilhelmshaven with its project office will remain and will also be further expanded.

Saab Germany is currently equipping the four Brandenburg-class frigates (F123) among other things with the modern management and weapon deployment system (FüWES) 9LV, which will be further developed from Bremen in cooperation with the Stockholm and Adelaide locations.

From Bremen, Saab AB will cooperate with the German Navy, according to the company motto technology in partnership, deepen and strengthen.

Images courtesy of Saab AB

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    It's also good that the name SAAB is visible from afar!
    SAAB lives, just "just" e.g. Currently without a new car :-(.
    Who knows…

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    Good news for Bremen and the surrounding area.


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