Saab Car Museum Festival - Trollhättan 2024

The first date for 2024 is now available. The Saab Car Museum is organizing a big festival, which this time will be all about 40 years of the Saab 9000. An event that should be noted.

The NatSaab 2023 will take place in the Netherlands a little sooner. A great autumn event organized by the Dutch Saab Club, registration is now open!

40 years Saab 9000 - the motto of the Saab Festival 2024
40 years Saab 9000 - the motto of the Saab Festival 2024

March 04 – 06.08, 2023

Int. Saab 2023

The Saab International Club Meeting will take place in Gaydon, UK this year.

Mehr Informationen:

20. 08. 2023

Saab regulars' table Hanover-Brunswick

Our next regulars’ table will be on August 20, 2023 at 15.00:XNUMX p.m. at Gutshof Rethmar (Link) instead of.

So put it in the calendar.

Please register to:

25. 08. - 27. 08. 2023

East Friesland Tour

Saab regulars table Hanover / Braunschweig

Good morning! From Friday, August 25th to Sunday, August 8th, 27 we will make a trip to Ostfriesland.

We will start in the south of Hamburg with a leisurely breakfast. Please register with Bine with the number of people and vehicles.

More information will follow!


09. 09. 2023

NatSaab 2023

This year's NatSaab of the Dutch Saab Club will take place in Zwiep, municipality of Lochem.

Registration is now open (Link).

Tom's Saab meeting


16. 09. 2023

Tom's Saab meeting

Meeting point at the Kramerwirt in Irschenberg (Link)

Morning pint together with snacks and talks.

reunion of former participants etc.

A trip is planned.

Route through a classic Munich excursion area.

District of Ebersberg and Rosenheim. The road book is definitely ready!

End point at the Fischerstüberl Attel (Link)

I would be happy about a large participation. I look forward to seeing the Saabians again.

Please leave with a full tank.

The operator does not take responsibility!

Please let me know by email or phone by the beginning of September 2023.

Spontaneous participants without registration are also welcome, with or without Saab.

Mobile: 01525 - 87 24 657 also via WhatsApp

Your Tom

Saab exit Rhön
The Rhön - the 5th Saab exit is calling!

16. 09. 2023

Invitation to the 5th Saab exit Rhön

Who would have thought: We can already celebrate a small anniversary, namely the 5th exit in the Rhön! The tour now has almost a family character, since many participants come repeatedly and you already know each other well. Nevertheless, the tour is open to everyone and we are happy about every additional vehicle.

This time it goes through the Hessian Rhön with magnificent views.

Registrations can now be made at

When registering, please include your full name, place of residence, vehicle type, year of manufacture and mileage so that the award ceremony can be prepared again.

Thomas Zecher is looking forward to your coming.

30. 09. 2023

30 years Saab 900 NG / 9-3 OG

Advance notice: Big Saab 900 NG / 9-3 OG meeting in Spain

The Saab 900 NG is 30 years old, the Saab Club Andalusia is planning an international meeting.

The event will be in Estepona (Costa del Sol) take place.

More information Saab Automóvil Club Andalucía (PULLS OUT)

7. - 9. 06. 2024

Saab Car Museum Festival

Trollhattan, Sweden.

40 years Saab 9000 - more information will follow

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  • I don't have the equipment installed for the Saab Winter Rally, as a result of the date it is not yet available? The date is February 17, 2024.


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