Saab - Swedish cars in excellent aircraft quality

That thing with the planes is always on our minds. And no matter what we do, at Saab we always come back to the topic. Airplane quality – this is how the Swedes advertised their cars in historical advertisements. Marketing was already very clear back then, but not connected with the wishful thinking that characterizes advertising today.

But with a serious background.

The fathers of Saab were known to have designed airplanes before surprising them with their first car in 1947. This historic link lasted for decades. From the Saab 92 to the 900 and the fact that the Saab 9000 became a networked, highly innovative car is also thanks to airplanes. As a leader in IT systems, Datasaab developed one of the first pilot support computers used in the Saab 37 Viggen.

The in-house automotive department also benefited from this revolutionary technology.

Saab - Airplane Quality
Saab – Airplane Quality

Saab - cars in excellent aircraft quality

The list of examples of innovations that have been incorporated would be endless, and the redundancy that Saab granted the cars for safety-related functions is also worth mentioning. But that is exceptionally not the point. As we keep coming across the connection with the planes, we took the historical advertisement as a model and played with it on a rainy Sunday.

Why? Because we think aviation roots are one of the things that make the brand special. The result was something that can be described as a stamp or branding. Outstanding Airplane Quality - expresses everything there is to say about Saab's aircraft history.

One or the other reader will probably now sigh in torment.

Are they making another sticker?

I have to disappoint at this point. We don't. Clear, Saab - Outstanding Airplane Quality – this would be great for all sorts of stickers. But that wasn't the point of Sunday's finger exercise.

The branding with a historical background flows into our last t-shirt project of the year. It actually took a little longer than planned, in the end it even turned into two exciting designs, but we made it. We serve the result of our work in small, stimulating portions.

The first design will go online tomorrow, the second on Friday.

Clearly, with airplane branding. Be curious!

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    Too bad it's 'only' a t-shirt. Since I don't count myself among the T-shirt wearers, I would have found a sticker great.
    But maybe…

    • blank

      It's digitized, let's see what happens.


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