Only limited - Ur-Saab T-Shirt Switzerland Edition

I don't expect anyone to buy one of these t-shirts! why? Because who - except maybe me - would have the idea of ​​​​associating the Swiss flag with the original Saab? The matter is - quite clearly - completely absurd. Or not?

Let's think about it... Of course one could argue that Switzerland is a traditional Saab country.

Nowhere in Europe does the Saab density seem higher, leaving out the immediate vicinity of Trollhättan. And nowhere on the continent is the scene more loyal than in Switzerland. Yes, that's how you could look at the T-shirt thing, which would make rudimentary sense.

Ur-Saab T-Shirt Switzerland Edition - nothing you should buy
Ur-Saab T-Shirt Switzerland Edition - not something you should buy

Switzerland is Saab country - isn't it?

In fact, the original Saab looks pretty good in connection with the Swiss national colors, and you could see the shirt as a statement that as a proud Swiss you are also an equally proud Saab owner.

Could! But as mentioned before, I don't expect anyone to buy one of these shirts. In the blog environment, the opinion was clear. Nobody will want that.

We made it happen anyway!

Ur-Saab T-Shirt Switzerland Edition
Ur-Saab T-Shirt Switzerland Edition

Why? Because it was fun, it looks good, and sometimes you have to do things that seem outlandish. Maybe also because I've always had a soft spot for Switzerland.

Of course, the unexpected case could arise that other people besides me will like the Ur-Saab T-shirt of the Switzerland Edition.

Aircraft Quality - Branding at neck area
Aircraft Quality - Branding at neck area

Therefore the following note: Like the exclusive shirt of the Sweden Edition (Link) the Switzerland Edition can also be pre-ordered now. The t-shirt of the Swiss edition is also limited. Orders are available in our Aero X Club Shop (Link) possible until September 1rd, after that only the ordered quantity will be produced.

Anyone who comes up with the even more absurd idea of ​​combining the original Saab with other national flags as a certain statement of automotive affection is welcome to let me know. Saab and Union Jack or the Italian tricolor. That would definitely be very stylish. But, as already mentioned, also completely absurd.

14 thoughts on "Only limited - Ur-Saab T-Shirt Switzerland Edition"

  • Hm, I was more interested in Austria. After all, Saab was even produced there.
    That I was next to it - not bad

    • There was also Saab from Belgium or Finland and even from Mexico, there is still room for improvement. In fact, we now have some (Spain, Netherlands, Austria and the USA) wishes as to what we should implement. Some of this will then be implemented in 2024.

  • Hello Tom
    Successful creation!
    How does the upgrade to Aero X Club work in the middle of the current subscription?
    Have a nice evening from the CH mountains
    Can you still reserve the Swiss Edition?

    • Hello Jost, no problem. The upgrade is easy, Anne will email you tomorrow.

  • I had already bet on Switzerland - because of the loyal fans there and for visual reasons: the cross is ideal for the C-pillar and the color combination of blue, red and white is classically beautiful. Very successful implementation!

    Of course, Finland (cross and Saab production) and Holland (beautiful color combination and above all high Saab density) are also suitable. I'm excited to see what's to come!

  • It's a shame that you have to be an Aero X Club member to purchase it.

    • Upgrading from Aero to Aero X costs only €0,70 per week.

  • Brilliantly beautiful. Will there be other country versions?

    • Perhaps. Not for this year, but I could imagine it in 2024.

  • Just the right shirt for a Swiss living in Germany!

    • Great, I'm glad!

  • I like the idea of ​​the country edition versions. Of course, I'm pleased that Switzerland is already on offer as a second variant, so I ordered 3 pieces.

    • Pretty!
      And what color is the sticker on the back? I can't really make sense of it from the photos.

      • Blue for Sweden, red for Switzerland. Each on a white background.

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