When young people drive Saab - who are older than themselves

The Saab scene inevitably dies out. Or? If you trust the major media, an image is projected that seems hopeless. The core messages would be that young people generally refrain from obtaining a driver's license. The fact that they are opposed to cars, cargo bikes, on the other hand, are said to be the hot trend.

That may be true for certain urban quarters.

Seen in this way, it is hopeless for Saab and the scene. A small Swedish car brand that already liked to play the underdog during its lifetime. Now that she's gone, it's even harder for her. The Saab biotope will be a collection of old white men. The presumably all grumpy (Bavarian for angry) are because their car brand no longer exists. And the hopelessly old combustion engine days are lagging behind.

Is it really like that? Old cars, grumpy guys and no youth anywhere?

Ah yes, the media. Fortunately, the reality is different.

Old Saab and young people - there is
Old Saab and young people - there is

Yes, I want to


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