Saab AB and Boeing extend Dreamliner contract

Did you know that every Boeing 787 Dreamliner also contains Saab technology? In fact, since the launch of the successor to the 767, a piece of Swedish engineering has accompanied every flight. All door systems for the 787 are supplied by Saab AB.

The Boeing is considered an innovative wide-body aircraft that did not have an easy take-off. In contrast to its predecessor, the hull consists largely of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics. What was considered groundbreaking repeatedly led to problems during development and ultimately led to the manufacturer having to report a delay in the schedule of more than 3 years.

Boeing 787 components production, Saab in Linköping
Boeing 787 components production, Saab in Linköping

But the effort should be worth it. The absolute lightweight construction that the Americans relied on resulted in a weight saving of around 20% compared to conventional construction. The majority of the fuselage is now made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, the aluminum content of the 787 is only 20%. Today, Boeing's wide-body aircraft is one of the best-selling and most economical in its segment.

Saab supplies all door systems for the Boeing 787 program. They are also made primarily of composite materials, are particularly light and designed for easy assembly by Boeing. The access doors, the doors to the cargo hold and entrances for bulk cargo symbolize something from Saab in every Dreamliner.

Saab AB's delivery framework agreement with Boeing, concluded in 2004, has now been extended (Link). Saab has so far delivered more than 1.100 door systems for the Dreamliner.

Saab and Boeing work closely together. Both companies are jointly developing the T-7A Red Hawk jet trainer, which will replace the USAF's outdated Northrop T-38 next year (Link). The Swedes produce the tail of the aircraft in the new Saab factory in West Lafayette, Indiana.

The components for the 787 Dreamliner, however, are manufactured in Sweden. The traditional Saab Linköping factory is responsible for the production of the door systems.

With images from Saab AB

2 thoughts on "Saab AB and Boeing extend Dreamliner contract"

  • blank

    Thanks for broadening your horizons again, Tom.
    And for the great professional prospects. If I ever switch to the Dreamliner, I could start every flight by touching something Saab. When the doors open it starts...

    The Lizi greets you from the night sky over Algeria from a height of 10.000 meters

  • blank

    No, I didn't know that. But it's nice to know!

    Then Saab AB is still active in civil aircraft construction - even if perhaps only as a supplier? But at least components made in Sweden. Does the blog know whether Saab AB's engineering work is also in the doors?
    I think that's likely. If there were more than one specification of the requirements, if the design came from Boeing itself, i.e. if it were purely contract manufacturing, it probably would not have gone to Sweden. Maybe Saab AB even holds one or two patents that relate to either the design itself or, at the latest, the production of one? I wouldn't be surprised - as much as the information in the article surprised me...

    There have already been many looks beyond the automotive horizon to Sweden. I also remember a few comments that accused Saab AB of being exclusively military in nature. So that has been refuted, and the article is good news for that reason alone.

    And who knows, maybe Saab AB will find other civilian uses for its engineers and/or production? It doesn't have to be your own car again, but it would be cool. And never before has an agency had it so easy to find a catchy slogan. Reborn from Jets would be set in stone. The managers of Saab AB must actually be itching for that, right?

    There was a comment about Emily here that the potential investor was hung up on outstanding naming rights (Saab) and could therefore be hesitant. That seemed completely unlikely to me. I'm not so sure anymore...


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