Saab T-shirts Sweden and Switzerland Edition are sent

Good news for everyone who is eagerly waiting for their Saab T-shirts from the Sweden and Switzerland editions! Although many more shirts were ordered than planned, our local partner was able to keep the delivery time within limits. Since the beginning of the week we have been busy packing orders and shipping them worldwide.

I already mentioned that we were particularly surprised by the readers from Switzerland. Counting it, the ratio between Swedish and Swiss shirts is almost 1:1 - the Swiss must still love Saab endlessly.

Saab T-shirt shipping - running!
Saab T-shirt shipping – running!

What's next?

The two T-shirt editions were one-off editions, but we'll continue playing with other themes next year. Turbo and Saab shirts are still in the Aero X Club Shop (Link) available. While stocks last, as an indispensable basic accessory for every Saab life.

Of course, it's exciting to see what comes next.

We have each selected a hoodie and a jacket to launch for fall. As always, there is at least one standard model that will be available to order in the Aero X Club Shop for a certain period of time, in addition (at least) a limited edition.

We probably have too many good ideas at the moment (which unfortunately all look good too), so the extent we bring is unclear for the time being. Not everything that is great and we like can be realized and we try to focus, which is quite difficult despite all our enthusiasm.

But the color selection for jackets and hoodies will be larger this time. We listen to the wishes of the scene and have chosen two other colors in addition to the tried and tested dark blue.

The respective samples are already on the table here, and the performance will start next week if everything stays within a somewhat tight time frame!

At the same time, our knitting shop is working on a new Saab blanket - our gift idea for Christmas and the end of the year. This time, however, the ceiling will be less traditional. It will follow the zeitgeist and color trends more - but will be enriched with a lot of beautiful Saab symbolism.

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    Thanks for your update! I can hardly wait anymore...

    I'm looking forward to the package!


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