30 years of Saab 900 NG / 9-3 OG – international meeting in Estepona

The program for the big meeting to mark the 30th anniversary of the Saab 900 NG series is here! An exciting event will take place in Estepona / Spain from September 29th to 30th and October 1st. The Saab Club España and the organizing team invite you, all Saab series are welcome. But especially the 900 NG series.

The agenda includes a supporting program, shared meals in the evening and lunch, and extensive catering during the meeting is also provided. To participate, simply register by sending an email to the Saab Club. The dinners require separate registration and payment.

30 years Saab 900NG
30 years Saab 900NG

Currently around 30 Saab 900 NG and 9-3 OG are expected - of course there is still room for more. Hotels and shaded parking spaces were booked for the participants, the program, which is available as a download (Link) is available, gives the coordinates. Unfortunately it is currently only available in Spanish. If you have further questions about the process and registration, you can contact the multilingual organizers.

For Saab fans who (in certain circumstances) If you are afraid of traveling quite a distance to Estepona with your own car and instead travel by plane, there should be a Saab Transit from the hotel to the event location. Details can be obtained from the organizers.

What you can expect is a hospitable country, a fantastically beautiful environment, wonderful hotels and a very active Saab scene. The program has an international touch, as can be heard from Estepona. As is typical for the country, catering during the meeting should include, among other things, a huge paella. But also with Belgian French fries. That sounds interesting.

The Saab Club España (Link) the scene offers you to register for participation by email by September 20.09th at the latest. 2023.

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