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One of the permanent challenges of the SaabBlog magazine is to understand the readers. What would you like to see here, what do you like to read? Sometimes I do it well. There are topics here where the clicks explode, and when it comes to others that are perhaps more important to me, there is an eerie calm.

I'm trying to balance it, but there's one thing I can't understand - no matter how hard I try. The ratio between subscribers who can read all content and those who find the newsletter in their inbox every day is 1:2 to 1:3.

Saab blog newsletter

Is a headline enough to be satisfied?

In plain language, 2 or 3 times as many people receive free mail every day as those who can read all the content. I can't understand that because there is interest in Saab and the Saab world. But is the headline, the introduction and an image enough to make you happy?

You have to know that the development is not really new. The number of subscribers and newsletter customers is constantly increasing. However, this constant relationship has been maintained ever since and there are people who have been finding emails from SaabBlog Magazine in their inbox every day for 5 to 10 years without ever having taken out a subscription.

Of course that is not in the spirit of the project. It is financed primarily through subscriptions, it is stress-free and can be read without the usual annoying Google pop-ups and advertising. So that it can stay that way in the future, we pay primary attention to the costs. The supposedly free newsletter is not free for us. The software costs license fees and there is an administrative effort, i.e. work involved.

What can we do to improve the situation?

With the gross disparity in mind, we could save ourselves the newsletter in the future. That would be the simplest, but also the absolute worst solution.

Order the SaabBlog newsletter and receive a discount

The alternative is to make it easier for newsletter subscribers to access a subscription. That's exactly what we're testing now. Anyone who orders the newsletter now will receive a discount code for a subscription in the welcome email.

We are giving away a 10% discount on every subscription model (Link), except for the starter offer. With the popular Aero subscription, the SaabBlog magazine only costs €0,15 per day. Is the blog worth it?

In this way, we are trying to reduce the existing disparity between newsletter customers and subscribers, and perhaps we will succeed. The next few months will show how good our idea is.

Perhaps as a result, more and more people will discover that it is fun to read the entire blog offer daily and in the Aero X Club Shop (Link) to shop than just being satisfied with a headline and a photo.

2 thoughts on "Order the SaabBlog newsletter and receive a 10% subscription code!"

  • blank

    ...the topic is quite stubborn :-(.
    A pity. “Roughly calculated” approx. €8,33 per month = 1 coffee a week in a bar etc.
    I don't understand why this is a topic with so much interesting and important (!) information.
    Well, any “alternative attempt” to advertise is fine and gives hope :-).
    With that in mind, THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the information!
    Current: the topic of leather care!!!

  • blank

    Moin Tom.
    That sounds like a plan.
    I have a new address. If necessary, a second email will be sent to your old address.
    Greeting André


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