Ukrainian pilots test the Saab Gripen

Before you buy a car, you take a test drive. It's similar with military jets. An evaluation takes place, which under normal circumstances lasts for months. Then reports are evaluated, the pros and cons are weighed up, and in the end politicians make the decision. However, experience has shown that it is not necessarily for the aircraft that the pilots would prefer.

As far as the Ukrainian Air Force is concerned, the process is naturally faster. There is literally fire under the roof and if you definitely shouldn't have something, then it's time. After the Ukrainian president's first test ride in a Gripen jet (Link) the specialist staff were now also allowed into the cockpit.

Saab Gripen C Jet
Saab Gripen C Jet

Saab Gripen use in Ukraine?

Ukrainian pilots flew Gripen jets in Sweden, known in technical jargon as orientation training. The training includes flights in the simulator as well as in the Gripen itself, as well as briefings for the ground staff. According to Swedish Defense Minister Pål Jonsson in a statement (Link) are used to find out whether the Gripen jets would be suitable for use in Ukraine.

Saab could provide 14 new Gripen jets for Ukraine in the short term. These are the older Gripen C and D models, and the manufacturer is said to have finished airframes available. The Saab Gripen is said to be easy to fly and is said to be less complex than the products of its market competitors. The cost per flight hour is cheaper than that of comparable jets, air availability is high and maintenance requirements are low.

Ukraine would probably welcome any new Gripen with joy, but nothing was known about the verdict of the Ukrainian pilots. However, the country reported the need for 16 to 18 Gripen to Sweden in August. The Swedish government would now like to examine the possibilities of delivery as soon as possible; the probability of this is high because the Social Democrats in the opposition are also in favor of selling Saab Jets to the war zone.

Images courtesy of Saab AB

3 thoughts on "Ukrainian pilots test the Saab Gripen"

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    These grips are better than old F16s which are more expensive and harder to maintain and therefore cheaper.

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    Above all, the Griffin is suitable as a carrier for the Taurus cruise missiles. Let's see how the decision chains go. Nothing has to be decided yet, there is no carrier aircraft for the Taurus cruise missile in Ukraine.

    But the Russians are also watching the development, although the translation is a bit clumsy, but they know exactly what the flu possibilities are:

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      Oh yes, the translation is bumpy. A front rear?

      Be that as it may, there is respect for the Gripen. With all my heart I wish Ukraine everything it needs and finds good for defense purposes...

      Resilience, the internal fight against corruption and also the fact that it tolerates Western sensitivities in its defense and takes them into account militarily (e.g. voluntarily refraining from attacking the aggressor's supply routes on his territory) have my maximum respect and my unrestricted solidarity.

      On which side of the border or front line are flawless Democrats found? Mr. Schröder? Are you still there? Please reply!

      A Chancellor AD on diving station. Financial self-interest unknown. It's amazing that the media ignores this. Did we not pay enough?

      Ukraine and its supporters have my respect. And I think the Gripen is right there now.


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