Saab exit and regulars’ table – Rehgebirge Swabian Alb

Before winter comes - and old metal disappears from halls and garages - it's time for a trip across the Swabian Alb. This is what the Saab Stammtisch Stuttgart-Alb in the first German Saab Club means and invites you to do so.

The exit moves through the Alb foothills, the Rehgebirge is a flora and fauna habitat with beautiful landscape. Registration for the tour is necessary; participation itself is free of charge. There are also other dates waiting for the Saab scene.

Old technology in a cross-sectional view - Saab 96 two-stroke
Old technology in a cross-sectional view - Saab 96 two-stroke

30. 09. 2023

30 years Saab 900 NG / 9-3 OG

Big Saab 900 NG / 9-3 OG meeting in Spain

The Saab 900 NG turns 30 years old, the Saab Club Andalusia is hosting an international meeting.

The event will be in Estepona (Costa del Sol) take place.

More information Saab Automóvil Club Andalucía (PULLS OUT)

13. - 15. 10. 2023

Saab Session Slovakia 2023

Častá – Papiernicka,

Registration and program via the organizer's homepage: Link

14. 10. 2023

Hedin Parts Sales Event 2023

Nykoping, Sweden

Flättnaleden 1, 611 45 Nyköping

From 9 a.m. to 15.00 p.m. Sale of Saab parts from stock

14. 10. 2023

Saab exit and regulars' table

On Saturday at 14.00 p.m. we will meet at the OMV gas station, 73072 Donzdorf, Dieselstr. 11, directly on Bundesstrasse. 466.

From there we take a lap through the Rehgebirge.

With a stop to talk shop and gossip.

Johannes has found a wonderful tour.

Finally we go to a Swabian restaurant at high altitude.

A warm invitation to ALL Saab drivers and Saab fans, even if they drive something different like an Alfa, Opel Omega, company car or a beautiful vintage car.

There is no entry fee for our trip, but please register for the host by Wednesday, October 11th

Please E-mail: – Saab exit and regulars’ table

or Harald email:

Good journey❤ – Christoph and Harald

26 – 29 November 10.

Auto Moto d` EPOCA, Bologna

The Subway Club Italy (Link) will present itself at the Auto Moto d`EPOCA, one of the largest European trade fairs for automotive culture, in Bologna.

For four days, the club shows visitors great vehicles from the small Swedish cult brand.

Event: Auto Moto d´EPOCA (Link)

17. 02. 2024

Saab Winter Rally 2024

The Saab Club Netherlands is organizing what is now the 3rd Winter Rally.

The number of participants is limited, registration is now possible online (Link).


The 17rd Saab Winter Rally was organized on February 2024, 3. The Saab Winter Rally is a special rally for all types of Saab: young and old, with a different roof. Start and finish, not like the previous two editions, at the Van der Valk Hotel in Deventer. Jaap Jongman of RallyControl has a great ride over the hills, from the door to the castle in the Achterhoek. On the other hand, it is a very easy-to-use device on a particulate terrain, also in the verstilde landscape. They can ride in two classes: in the competitive sports class and in the recreational toer class (also suitable for onervaren rally riders). On the other hand, the inner people never went to waste.

He is having a winter lunch at a lovely location in the Achterhoek. You can also eat, drink and enjoy a complete winter buffet. In the goal and sports class he won for the numbers 1, 2 and 3. The price per equipe is € 245. Everything is included here, keep the drinks at the buffet. Saab Club Nederland-leden ontvangen bovendien € 25 korting op deelnameprijs. Do you like me?

Inscription can be op

The Saab Winter Rally is organized by the NHRF. This means that before this event, all the necessary measures have been taken and a full WAM message has been sent to the recipients. Wel zo prettig. The organization reports the Saab Winter Rally 2024 also to the Belastingdienst for the Evenementenregeling, zodat also shorn Saab's mee kunnen rijden.

7. - 9. 06. 2024

Saab Car Museum Festival

Trollhattan, Sweden.

40 years Saab 9000 - more information will follow

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One thought on "Saab exit and regulars’ table – Rehgebirge Swabian Alb"

  • blank

    The cut image is pure pleasure and aesthetically pleasing in terms of color. And it's technically insightful, thought-provoking. I can't get enough of it...
    You imagine yourself in the driver's seat and, in your wildest imagination, experience a frontal crash, which of course ends lightly for a small car at the time. Not just because Saab built stable cars. Also because there is a lot of space between the engine (far at the front) and the footwell. And because the gearbox behind it is so low that it will hopefully slide under it.

    Did Saab think about everything like that back then? Or is it a side effect of the design?

    In any case, the cutaway image would make a nice poster.


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