Saab-Lancia 600 - the repressed Saab past

If you look at Saab and the Swedes, sooner or later one feature will become apparent. Unpleasant topics are suppressed in a clearly defined way. Conversations suddenly change the environment, you are obviously trying not to upset the person you are talking to and asking again is not successful.

After a certain time, Germans understand it, interpret the signs, and live with them. It's not that the Swedes are world champions at pushing things away, but when they do, they do it with impressive consistency. A good example is the Saab-Lancia 600, which is hushed up in the relevant specialist literature. As if he never existed.

Saab-Lancia 600 in the historic test by AMS Sweden
Saab-Lancia 600 in the historic test by AMS Sweden

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