Fancy the Saab espresso cups - it's almost time!

Sometimes things work faster than you expect. We commissioned the new edition of the popular Saab Espresso cups in October. We weren't expecting delivery before December; our producer's advice sounded too optimistic.

In the office we make do with other cups instead. Saquella and Segafredo aren't bad either, and if it weren't for the psychology at work, the espresso would taste at least as good as from the Saab espresso cups. But of course, if a (Saab) friend comes over, it will require some explanation.

No more Saab espresso cups? Here at SaabBlog Magazine? Hmmm.

Saab espresso cups - it's almost time!
Saab espresso cups – it’s almost time!

The supplier and shipping company must have sensed this. Order – check! Sample acceptance – check. Production – Running. The fact that the cups have to be engraved manually, which is quite time-consuming, is no problem. And finally – the cups are produced, packed on a pallet and ready for shipping.

Unbelievable, because it's only mid-November.

But that's a good thing, maybe in this way the Saab espresso cups can find their way under the Christmas tree of as many Saab fans as possible without any stress. They are then not a story that is available at the last minute where there could be stress with the order and shipping.

The delivery will be booked here shortly, and by the end of the week the cups will be available via the Aero X Club Shop (Link) can be ordered from stock. We are therefore foregoing a pre-order phase, we are extremely pleased about the early delivery and that we will soon be able to serve visitors to the SaabBlog magazine office with espresso from authentic cups.

The edition is of course again limited, and not all espresso cups are sold. We keep a reserve for ourselves again. For friends, partners and are curious to see how long it will last this time.

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